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Science & Engineering for the Most Challenging Problems Since 1945

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Development of Ballistic Resistant Stud Walls

This project was an Anti-terrorism Force Protection (AT/FP) project carried out for a government agency, in this case, involving forced entry/ballistic resistant (FE/BR) protection testing....

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Article on Modeling Concrete Structures with the Finite Element Method

Modeling Concrete Structures with the Finite Element Method There are many problems where conventional blast analysis and design tools are too conservative, which can lead to costly construction costs, or worse, will push the designer to design for failure modes that simply will not happen. K&C......

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K&C Partners With MACE on a Three-Day Short Course for Impact and Blast Effects

Dr. Shengrui Lan, Principal Engineer at Karagozian & Case, along with Dr. Qingming Li, of the School of Mechanical, Aerospace & Civil Engineering at the University of Manchester will be providing a three-day short course entitled “ Impact and Blast Effect: Theory, Analysis and Design” at the Uni...

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