Applied Research and Testing

Research, development, and testing of real-world solutions.

K&C’s advanced research supports the development of various products, including, for example: aerospace structures, protective systems, and manufacturing processes. Tests ranging from benchtop laboratory scale to full scale are used to validate product performance requirements. Test support includes: test planning as well as development of novel test equipment/facilities and instrumentation. K&C collaborates with Universities, DoE labs, as well as DoD organizations.

K&C’s testing services include:

  • Field and Laboratory Test Planning and Management
  • Instrumentation Planning and Design
  • Data Analysis and Interpretation
  • Test Facility Design and Support
  • Test Methods and Test Fixture Design
  • Material Characterization Planning and Management
  • Split-Hopkinson Bar Testing

K&C’s research services include:

  • Physics
  • Computational Mechanics
  • Material Constitutive Modeling
  • Manufacturing Process and Optimization
  • Verification and Validation