Development of Curtain Wall Analysis Software

Development of Curtain Wall Analysis Software

Curtain Wall Analysis Software

The Interface of BEA_CW, the computer code developed by K&C

Our mission was to provide analysis software for assessment and retrofit of a curtain wall.

The software development under this project provided an advanced and efficient capability. It analyzed the response of curtain walls to blast loads and developed retrofit designs to enhance their blast resistance.

The technical services provided were:
• Provide assessments of curtain wall vulnerability to blast loads
• Develop retrofit designs to enhance blast-resistant of curtain walls
• Generation of software
• LS DYNA simulation of blast response of curtain walls

Deliverables were: software and seminars

Security upgrades often involve upgrades for a building’s windows, curtain walls and other façade components to enhance their blast resistance. This work involved developing a computer code, BEA_CW, that allowed a user to rapidly enter the basic properties of a curtain wall system and then generate an LS‑DYNA finite element model for predicting its response to a blast load.  This development recognized that generally curtain walls represent quite complex structures that are difficult to model, especially for blast loads analyses.  Several generic curtain wall types were defined as shown:

K&C performed blast analyses of many CWs for this project to develop the modeling strategies employed in BEA_CW. Based on the results of the analyses, the team developed the necessary coding to implement the automated generation of the LS‑DYNA models and the generation of CW upgrades.  The upgrade designs, as implemented, included the strengthening of existing CWs with film, catcher systems, and use of stronger framing systems.

K&C uses LS‑DYNA extensively to provide physics-based simulations of the actual response of windows, curtain walls, and other façade components.  We have extensive experience in generating and using such models and have found them highly beneficial and nearly essential in developing upgrade design for exiting glazing systems and walls.

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