KC-FEMFRE Analysis Software

KC-FEMFRE Analysis Software

KC-FEMFRE: A Finite Element and Meshfree Code for Large Deformation Solid Mechanics.

KC-FEMFRE Software Analysis Tool

Penetration into Concrete

KC-FEMFRE Penetration into Concrete


The K&C Finite Element and MeshFree (KC-FEMFRE) analysis code was developed to provide a predictive Modeling & Simulation (M&S) tool for complex problems in solid dynamics that are difficult to solve with most commercial finite element codes. KC-FEMFRE uses a coupled formulation of the Finite Element Method (FEM) and a Meshfree Method (MFM) designed for modeling the transient nonlinear dynamic responses of three-dimensional structures and materials, for responses up to and beyond material failure. Problems involving blast, impact, penetration, fragmentation, and debris entrainment can be modeled with KC-FEMFRE.

Breach of a masonry wall from contact explosive










KC-FEMFRE’s solver employs an implementation of the reproducing kernel particle method (RKPM), which can be coupled to finite elements using the Stabilized Conforming Nodal Integration (SCNI) technique. The RKPM formulation represents a relatively recent meshfree technology that has several key advantages in a coupled code environment. These include, among others, a high degree of compatibility between RKPM and FEM, particularly, that they can employ the same material models. In KC-FEMFRE, the coupling between FEM and RKPM is implemented in a controllable and evolutionary fashion such that the code can perform pure FEM, pure RKPM, or coupled FEM/RKPM calculations.

K&C has been able to provide state-of-the-art analyses to clients by leveraging the unique capabilities of the KC-FEMFRE code. As KC-FEMFRE matures, K&C will consider transitioning the code for use by interested customers through a simple licensing process. Key features of the code are the following:

• Rapid model development made possible through the meshfree capability.
• Access to sophisticated material models including the latest versions of K&C’s Concrete model.
• Provides a more predictive (less parameter dependent) analysis by excluding the dependence on instability mitigation techniques related to FEM issues like erosion criteria and hourglass control.

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