Our Business


Our mission is to provide state-of-the-art scientific and engineering services to quantify and manage risks, design protective solutions, and develop technology for the construction, defense, manufacturing, space, and energy markets. We do this by quantifying system vulnerabilities to a variety of man-made and natural threats, developing novel and cost-effective engineering designs to mitigate them, formulating and employing state-of-the-art analytic methods and software, and conducting applied research and testing. Our strength is our team of subject matter experts and our culture of collaboration.

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K&C is a Small Business headquartered in Southern California that offers a unique breadth of specialized expertise and capabilities that are not otherwise available under the roof of any one engineering service firm or product-oriented company. K&C’s unique position allows us to leverage technologies developed through our applied research and testing, to provide practical solutions to challenging real-world problems. Given our unique access to test data and emerging analytical capabilities, K&C can offer our clients the latest technologies to quantify and mitigate known and evolving threats. Although our capabilities are unique and often unparalleled, K&C recognizes the financial constraints and pressures of the real world market place and maintains a fee structure, attention to schedule, and focus on our client’s needs, which enables us to be highly competitive in the markets we serve. Maintaining both research and design capabilities in a Small Business is challenging, but it is the pride of K&C’s highly technical engineering staff. Each of our five core areas of practice feeds on the others, which provides our clients unique access to decades of experience, the latest technologies, and practical design, software, or product solutions.