Perimeter and Storefront Protection

K&C offers a comprehensive suite of perimeter protection consulting and engineering services to a wide range of partners and clients. We offer turnkey as well as product development support suitable for meeting your security needs.

Abridged List of Perimeter Protection Services:

  • K&C collaborates with vendors and manufactures to develop and design new and novel M-rated and S-rated bollard systems, as well as other custom-designed rated perimeter protection devices, to meet the evolving needs of security industry.
  • In order to be successful in such a competitive industry, perimeter protection devices must meet the required and designated crash-ratings and penetration-ratings, they also need to be cost-effective, modular, easy to ship & install, and scalable.


  • K&C helps enhance the design of the Perimeter Protection Layout.
  • By supporting security professionals, architects, bollard manufacturers, and stakeholders, organizations can optimize the layout design and manufacturing of their perimeter protection systems.
  • K&C hosts Training Architects & Security Professionals
  • Hosting Vehicle Ramming Assessment Training Session is an essential step in helping Architects and Security Professionals stay up-to-date on the latest threats and best practices for protecting their clients from vehicle ramming attacks.

Perimeter Protection


  • K&C collaborates with owners and stakeholders to conduct comprehensive site survey to identify and assess security risks.
  • It’s essential to develop the physical security design based on the results of the risk assessment sensitive to the severity of risk, project budget, schedule, and many other considerations or limitations.
  • K&C collaborates with security professionals, owners and stakeholders to conduct Vehicle Ramming Assessment and provide Expert Witness Professional Services.
  • By utilizing state-of-the-art analytical techniques and in-house tools, such as SMART, businesses and organizations can quickly and efficiently determine the proper crash and penetration ratings needed to efficiently secure their perimeters or storefronts.


Pedram Hesam PhD PSP

Pedram Hesam, PhD, PSP

Protective Design Engineer

Physical Security Professional