Dynamic Material Characterization and Model Development

Improving Simulations and Designs Through Dynamic Material Characterization

Dynamic Material Characterization

K&C is contributing to the modeling and simulation evolution that is changing how systems are designed, constructed, and maintained with Dynamic Material Characterization. Since the 1970’s, when the first finite element codes were being matured, K&C recognized the importance of material phenomeology, quality test data, and accurate material models. As modeling and simulation software has increased in complexity and sophistication, and more and more engineers and scientists are using them to analyze, design, and maintain systems, the next generation of simulations and designs need improved material characterization methods.




Low and high strain rate testing

High temperature testing

Split Hopkinson Pressure Bar testing

Impact testing

Non-destructive testing

Material Model Parameter Identification

Failure Criteria Development

Developing Material Models

Validation Tests

Custom Testing and Software













K&C has tested the following materials in order to develop material models and/or identify material properties:

  • Adhesives
  • Ceramics
  • Composites
  • Concretes
  • Elastomers
  • Glass & Polycarbonites
  • Metals
  • 3D printed materials
  • Granular material









starts with a testing program tailored for the materials and phenomenology important to the problems of interest. K&C has developed and refined testing methodologies to generate data for:

  • Low & high strain rates
  • Cold & high temperatures
  • Triaxiality effects
  • Plasticity
  • Full strain-field measurements using Digital Image Correlation
  • Failure mechanisms and failure criteria
  • Fragmentation

and material parameters are essential for accurate simulations. K&C uses our dynamic characterization data to:

  • Develop parameters for commercial or Government simulation software
  • Develop custom material models for proprietary or unique high-performance materials.

is needed across a broad range of phenomenology. K&C supports developing validation data in the laboratory, in-situ, or in the field. Examples include:

  • Shock and impact tests
  • High-explosive tests
  • High-G tests





K&C founded and has built K&C’s Prototyping and Testing Center


to meet the need of rapidly creating predictive models. Our focus is materials and structures exposed to extreme conditions, including high strain rates, cold and high temperatures, and material phenomena and response up to and beyond the post-failure regime.

Our testing center offers both turn-key testing solutions, modeled to match the speed and cost available at commercial laboratories, as well as custom research & development testing capabilities, of the like available at leading Universities or National Laboratories.

Using custom designed test methodologies and testing equipment, motivated by our own to collect the data needed to improve our own computational models, K&C offers a partner capable of contributing to improving your modeling and simulations.


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