Threat and Vulnerability Assessments

Quantify and assess multiple diverse threats and hazards, including their consequences.

K&C is a leader in developing and defining realistic threat environments in collaboration with our clients. State-of-the-art physics-based analytical models and access to extensive test data allows K&C to effectively quantify the consequences associated with a diverse range of malicious, extreme and exceedingly rare events, as well as natural phenomena. Equipped with a representative and quantitative assessment of the threats to personnel, property, equipment, and business continuity our clients are able to utilize risk management strategies to effectively mitigate the threats to their portfolios.

K&C services include:

  • Multi-Threat Vulnerability Assessment and Mitigation
  • Property Damage and Cost Study (e.g., PML)
  • Structural Resilience Study
  • Human Vulnerability Assessment
  • Blast Vulnerability Assessments (BVA)
  • Impact Vulnerability Assessment (Missile/Aircraft/Vehicle)
  • Perimeter Security Study
  • Transportation Infrastructure Vulnerability Assessment
  • Energy Infrastructure Vulnerability Assessment
  • Ballistic and EMP Threat Assessment
  • Combustible Dust Explosion Assessment
  • Petrochemical Explosion Assessment