SMART Software

K&C’s SMART (Security Mitigation Assessment of Risks and Threats) software application is an advanced toolkit for identifying and visualizing strategies to protect soft targets and crowded places. Through utilizing computer vision and AI, SMART can analyze multiple threats (e.g. vehicle borne explosive devices, active shooter threats, vehicle ramming, etc.) and then leverage augmented reality (AR) to visualize the advantages and disadvantages of various mitigation methods (e.g. bollards, security doors, blast resistant windows, etc.).

Soft Targets Crowded Places

Examples of Soft Targets and Crowded Places

SMART alpha prototype software, illustrating bollard mitigation options.

Output from custom image classification model, identifying existing bollards from onsite imagery

Features & Benefits

  • Quickly determine risk and effects of various threats (explosive, active shooter, vehicle ramming).
  • Conduct risk and vulnerability assessments for soft target and crowded places (stadiums, transportations centers, high-rise buildings, etc.) uses advanced engineering models.
  • Utilizes geographical information systems (GIS) to create virtual environments along with predictive analysis from Artificial Intelligence (AI) and output visualizations with Augmented Reality (AR).
  • Supports both Apple iPhone and Windows 10 operating systems.