Douglas Federal Office Building Vulnerability Assessment

Blast Vulnerability Douglas Federal Building

Douglas Federal Office Building Vulnerability Assessment

K&C performed a blast vulnerability assessment on the Douglas Federal Building.

WinGARD Winblast

Window Performance evaluation using WinGARD

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Blast Vulnerability Assessment
ISC Criteria Conformance Study
Perimeter Protection Assessment

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This existing office building is a historically significant building structure (constructed circa 1911), and is a part of the National Register of Historic Places. The existing building structure includes three elevated floor levels with a full basement and is structured with heavy brick masonry construction.

The building assessment was performed in accordance with GSA standards/criteria and included a comparative evaluation against the ISC Security Design Criteria for the protection level specified by GSA. A window vulnerability assessment and perimeter study was performed.
The window vulnerability assessment examined window response to blast loads and evaluated upgrade options.

Winblast software code

Airblast Fringe using Winblast – proprietary software code developed by K&C

BLAST PRESSURES: blast pressures were evaluated using Winblast, a proprietary software code developed by K&C that calculates the blast pressures / impulses acting on the surface of a building.

GLAZING EVALUATIONS: using a combination of Winblast and WinGARD (a GSA software tool), the performance level for each window unit was evaluated.

For more information on our Winblast software, click here.