Karagozian & Case, Inc. (K&C) is an internationally recognized science and engineering consulting firm founded in 1945. K&C supports a broad range of clients across different sections of defense, transportation, manufacture, aerospace, energy, and construction industries, for technically challenging and complex problems. K&C’s scientific and engineering services mainly fall into the following functional areas of expertise.

Functional Areas of Expertise

  • Vulnerability

    • engineering consultingProvide vulnerability assessments for a variety of man-made and natural hazards.

  • Design

    • engineering consutlingGenerate innovative and cost-effective structural and mechanical designs to mitigate hazards.

  • Analysis

    • engineering consultingDevelop and apply state-of-the-art analysis methodologies and software.

  • Testing and R&D

    • engineering consultingConduct research and Development (R&D) to advance knowledge, develop products, and validate solutions.

K&C has been a leader in protective design, analysis, and engineering for over five decades. Our mission is focused on solving complex and challenging problems using state-of-the-art testing, analytic, and design methodologies that the company has developed over our more than 75 years of being in business. We offer specialized and unique brand of engineering services that are not available at any other consulting engineering firm. K&C’s  hands-on and highly technical staff, each possessing complementary subject matter expertise, are committed to understanding our client’s needs and developing effective solutions.