Our company offers specialized engineering and scientific services focused on protecting people, facilities, and assets, or enhancing your products, operations, or productivity through state-of-the-art technologies.  See our 


Robust, resilient, and cost-effective designs for onerous man-made and natural threats.

K&C creates custom engineered solutions that can meet your unique needs, requirements, schedule, or budget. Our licensed Structural, Mechanical, and Civil Engineers have experience developing concepts, designs, and generating construction packages for delegated or performance-based requirements. K&C is unique in that our designs can be modeled, using our high-fidelity analysis capabilities, or validated with field or laboratory testing.

Solve complex engineering problems with insight into the underlying phenomena using physics-based computations.

K&C develops and uses state-of-the-art physics-based models in support of system design, test programs, development of analytical engineering tools, and understanding complex phenomena. Our models consist of computational codes and material models that we have developed in our research activities, as well as Government and commercial computational codes. K&C has extensive experience using these codes in support of defense, aerospace, industrial, manufacturing, and security applications.

Innovative product development leveraging seven decades of experience.

K&C develops custom software and product solutions tailored to your needs. Services include product development and prototyping, enhancements of existing products, or qualification and testing of products to meet requirements. Software solutions can be generated as custom analysis, design, diagnostic, and assessment tools. Many of K&C’s tools are used as industry practice.

Research, development, and testing of real-world solutions.

K&C’s advanced research supports the development of various products, including, for example: aerospace structures, protective systems, and manufacturing processes. Tests ranging from benchtop laboratory scale to full scale are used to validate product performance requirements. Test support includes: test planning as well as development of novel test equipment/facilities and instrumentation. K&C collaborates with Universities, DoE labs, as well as DoD organizations.

Quantify and assess multiple diverse threats and hazards, including their consequences.

K&C is a leader in developing and defining realistic threat environments in collaboration with our clients.  State-of-the-art physics-based analytical models and access to extensive test data allows K&C to effectively quantify the consequences associated with a diverse range of malicious, extreme and exceedingly rare events, as well as natural phenomena.   Equipped with a representative and quantitative assessment of the threats to personnel, property, equipment, and business continuity our clients are able to utilize risk management strategies to effectively mitigate the threats to their portfolios

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