Schematic of K&C’s THMPR-1 System

K&C’s THMPR-1 System

K&C is developing new ways to design and test for extreme shock environments. Since the 1970’s, when K&C was designing and qualifying shock mitigation systems for critical infrastructure subjected to nuclear weapons effects, K&C recognized the importance of modeling shocks, designing cost-effective shock isolations systems, and performing accurate qualification tests. As products including electronics, protective devices, and storage infrastructure have become more complex, and the shock environments they must sustain have become more challenging, design engineers and scientists need new methods to designs and qualify shock mitigating systems.


Our testing center offers both turn-key testing solutions, modeled to match the speed and cost available at commercial laboratories, as well as custom research & development testing capabilities.


Using custom designed test methodologies and testing equipment, motivated by our own to collect the data needed to improve our own shock mitigation materials and systems, K&C offers a partner capable of contributing to improving your products.


is accomplished using K&C’s THMPR shock test system, developed under sponsorship of the US Department of Defense. THMPR offers many benefits :

-Fully customizable test system for shock duration and amplitude. Shock amplitudes ranging from 10’s of G’s to hundreds of kG’s are possible, with durations from microseconds to several milliseconds.

-Robust, repeatable and safe. Dozens of tests can be conducted in one day, allowing for rapid data acquistion, repeat tests, and on-site customer pre and posttest inspection.

-Lowers development and qualification costs for intense shock environments, which were only previously possible to generate with field tests.


is addressed using high-performance materials including composites and metamaterials. K&C can work with customers to design and model custom shock isolation systems and enclosures, including:

-Design integration

-Material characterization

-Modeling & Simulation

-Machining and fabrication


-Shock and impact tests

-Drop tests

-High-explosive tests

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