Protective Design for Airports: Security & Blast Design

Engineering Consulting Services for Airport Design/Builds

Aiport Design Build


Karagozian & Case provides engineering solutions to meet your specific airport design build goals. We work with Architects in the design phase for protective design in providing: perimeter design for standoffs and setbacks; façade designs, including curtain walls and catcher systems; and helping to define threats for threat assessments. We work in teams with Architects and Contractors on Design/Build projects. The wide variety of projects we provide services for include: new builds, retrofits, extensions, upgrades and treat and vulnerability assessments.


Airport Design Build


We can meet your needs for:


  • Design Recommendations
  • Enhancing the level of protection
  • Alignment with FAA/TSA criteria for airports
  • Meet security criteria in designs for Federal Aviation Administration, FAA Security Reference Manual, Part 3 Blast Design & Assessment Guidelines


  • Blast Vulnerability Assessment
  • Threat Assessments
  • Protective Design
    • Curtain Wall – Glazing Façade
    • Protective Barriers
    • Reinforced Columns – structural design


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