K&C Designs Transparent Armored Windows for Navy Ships

Transparent Armored Window

K&C Designs Transparent Armored Windows for Navy Ships

K&C recently designed and developed transparent armored windows for navy ships, which are currently available on the Virtual Transition Marketplace

This new transparent armored window design for US Navy ships includes the following features:

Increases the longevity and service-life of the windows

Reduces life-cycle costs

Enables usage of dry-erase markers and grease pencils

Maintains excellent visibility throughout the entire life-cycle

Reduces lead manufacturing times, and

Makes replacements faster and easier.

The window design can be fabricated in the range of sizes used aboard Navy ships and includes configurations equipped with embedded heating elements and radar cross-section reduction treatment. The system has been prototyped and its ballistic performance has been functionally verified. Additional component-level tests are underway to qualify the system for installations by shipbuilders on new ship construction or for replacements by the Navy on in-service ships.

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